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My first year, term one was about Fragility. In the image is the egg suspended in mid air as if it might fall and break. The baby is an exact size of a 3-month-old foetus a time of great vulnerability. The broken clay tablet all alludes to the fragility of ourselves and the planet we live on. The materials all have significant meanings and were carefully selected. Rather than do a large sculpture I chose to make it small delicate. I see this to be a surrealist piece and the work was influences by Salador Dali. At the time of making this work I was feeling very fragile myself.

The painting of the sea in flux is another work from this period, abstract surrealist. The sea always plays apart in my work it creeps in without me ever intending to. This is a place where I find peace. The painting reflects my thoughts as I looked down on water lapping over stones and this is where my imagination took me, as the tide went in and out over the stones washing them cleansing them constantly changing them. (not sure whether you have that picture and can sent more of the baby sculptures)