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Spinning a Web

This was me reflecting on to my past and looking into the future. The ball a day was about the importance of the mundane in life. How creating a ritual and routine can ultimately create something unexpected. I started doing a ball a day for every day I have been at university, I am on a journey of learning with it they are part of my journey. I have had many ideas what I will do with these balls, but nothing decided yet, it is a slow process of thinking, it is growing like a living form. The material and making are all important parts of my practice. Every ball is different, every day is changes, even when repeating the same task. Because I have made the ball I have imparted a little piece of my energy into these balls, there are traces of my skin and memory in them. Like marking the days on a calendar. The point of the balls is time and space.

 I decided to use my skills of a spinner and felt maker and the material I had saved for so many years, knowing one day they would have a use. I spent a week of spinning then ventured outside to spin webs as if a spider, to entice people to look at negative spaces around them in the environment. My interests were shifting towards the outside and human inter action towards to works created.