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Gumbee’s Bee Garden

This work triggered my renewed interest in spirituality and rituals and I had intended to continue along this theme. But like the bends in the river by course altered. Because of the winter lockdown my work was from home, so I started to make miniature Gaias’ mother earth figures which somehow made me think about lose and grief. Without intentionally thinking I found myself walking to a garden I had created in memory of my friend Jeremy “Gumby” Brooke and how his life had been cut short so barbarically. On seeing the garden, I was sadden to see that even though it was winter it was looking neglected. I offered my services to tidy it up. Which I have removing 2 bumpy bags of debris pruning back and weeding and now replanting. I was wondering what I could do to keep his memory alive and make sure he his not forgotten. On the bed were some painted stones. This gave me the idea to put down little fired clay badges which could be taken away and painted on the back is his website and hashtag, so if people with to look him up they can. If they want to support the work, they can. It all raises awareness. So, now I can see my work as shifted away from gallery based work while at university, community engagement is becoming apparent within my practice, from last term using string as interventions and encounters to people collecting these little art works. Thankfully watching from the distance, I could see people picking them up. My idea does seem to be working as I intended.